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Our Story

      A warm welcome to our farm.  Our story starts in 2012, when we started a special diet.   In 2013, we started our adventure and welcomed 3 Nubian goats into our home and our lives.  After a month, we added a Jersey cow to our farm.  A famous one in fact, who was retiring from TV life making videos for science.  In no time, we were enjoying fresh cow's milk, butter, sour cream and more.

      In 2015, we added pigs and it is true they are cute.  They do eat a lot, but don't get in the way of their food or the mama pigs and her piglets.  Today our pigs enjoy local cucumbers in their diet.

      There's been a lot of learning along the way.   Farming is hands on and unkind some days.  It is hard work that can be so gratifying, like June 2018, we bought our breeder herd, the beautiful Belted Galloway Cows.

       Today we are raising pastured pork and grass-fed beef that we offer locally to families and small business owners.  We began this farm to fill our own need for quality food and we are proud to be able to offer it to our community.  Thank you for believing in us and your continued support!

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